I'm not sure what to call this song. Suggestions would be great.

It’s been so cold since you changed
Seems the cold wither all your roses away
Now I’m looking out your window
Wondering if the snow will ever melt away
All my rose seem so vain
You should know tulips just aren’t true
They can kiss and they can lie too

Looking at your night stand
The clock’s numbers count the cold
And it’s colder by the second
Ice cuts like a knife
And all my red pedals
Are bleeding on your floor

I stair at the sealing
Watching the ghost of an angles death
The feathers fall on the pedals
As the frost consumes on her face
She looks so confused
But her eyes show no pain
She’s just dying with the snow

And if you wonder why I left
Look around your room
My tears are on the tissues
In the trash by your bed
I left a few on you pillow
One or two by the door
im not sure if you actually ever asked for a crit so i'll refrain... but there are a couple of typos you should clear up

the title shouldn't involve the theme of cold, just something simple like last departure or something
yeah. thats not the title I want to go with. I made that so I can put it on the forum. I'm just over all not sure what what to call it. no I didn't ask for a crit, but I welcome it. I'm not worried about typos. those I can fix.