hey I'm building a Telecaster. Almost finished just have a few questions someone might help me with. (I've fitted the tele with jazzmaster pickups) what is the difference if I use 500k Pots over the 250k ones. Also I have a B50 bigsby how the hell are strings suppose to stay attached to it??? instructions are pretty vague on that lol. thanks.
The higher the value of the pot the brighter it will be.

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k thanks...See the confusion for me is telecasters use 250k pots but jazzmasters use 500k pots....Now I have both but if I use 250k pots on a tele with jazzmaster pickups will it sound like a jazzmaster???......MY love affair with Sonic Youth and the Pixies brought me to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P. If I use 500k pots will it sound all bright and terrible im going for a very indie rock sound so I'm not sure what pots would be best....if anyone can shed some light on this for me id be very happy. I'm use to just buying and playing axes building is a new thing for me lol.
pots are inexpensive I say buy both and see which one you like better for your setup.
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also, pics?
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the bigsby has a slot for the strings, the strings go through that slot and the ball end of the string stops it. then the string goes up to the tuners
ah that easy...I use fender bullets which dont have the loop, bought some DR's now i get it....So would 500k make it more of a distorted sound or more post-punk style sound? anyone? :P
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tbh i dount that choice of pots will make too much of a difference if i were you id go with 500k's
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