hi, uh, i got these effects and i wanted to know the best sequence for these effects :
-Boss Chromatic Tuner (tuner)
-Boss Noise Surpressor (noise surpressor)
-Seymour duncan twin tube mayhem (distortion)
-MXR EVH phase 90 (phase)
-Electro harmonix Linear Power Booster nano (booster)
-Morley Bad Horsie 2 (wah pedal)

and i am using voodoo lab pedal power 2+
i'm of the school of thought that there is no right way even though many will disagree. i'd say just try different configurations until you find something that sounds good. anyway i remember seeing some sort of definitive order for effect pedals somewhere on here and i'm sure someone will come by and eventually post it. i'd recommend just using that as a guide but dont let it limit you.

edit: 1st google result is http://users.sa.chariot.net.au/~gmarts/fx-order.htm
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Tuner-Noise Suppressor-power booster-Distortion-spacial effectors-amp the placement of wah and phase is personal preference. Think of the first thing in line affecting the next, you wouldn't want to distort your boost you want to boost your distortion, follow me. Usually to get the 'cleanest sound' you would want to put your distortion before spacial effectors (flangers, chorus, phase, wah, etc. But the way you set them up varies your sound. Its cool to experiment until you find what is right for you. The power booster is good for raisng your entire sound so you can be a cut above (solos).
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my suggestion would be:


put the noise suppressor after anything that causes any noise (if there isn't anything like that, it isn't worth having really).

I put the booster in brackets because you can get different sounds from puuting boost before/after od and distortion.

edit: meant to put the tuner first. changed it now.

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I'd have them (I actually DO have them in this order apart from the suppressor coz I don't need one )...

Tuner > Wah > Dist > Phase > Boost > Suppressor.

The tuner and wah could definitely be swapped around.
You could also try moving the boost before the distortion, see if you prefer that.
Some people actually like wah after distortion so maybe give that a go.

If you have an effects loop try the phase and/or suppressor in there too.
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