hey im just here casue i just got a job at a bike shop!!!! putting together bikes. thisis my dream job. well for right now. and i get 40 percent off all my parts!!!! gonna build a new dh bike. thinking a giant glory. so i need pits help to give me ideas of a frame up build for a mountain bike. a downhill. lol thank you.

As for the bike, I don't know. Make it out of kryptonite so superman can't steal it.
Bitch, get a motorcycle.
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thinking a giant glory.

i have no useful input
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I've got a pretty good idea about bmx bikes, could help you out in that area if needed. Good luck building a killer DH!!
My mates all seem to think that Norco Frames are the absolute bomb for DH racing, might be something to look into.
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Give it one wheel, a saddle and pedals.
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As for the bike, I don't know. Make it out of kryptonite so superman can't steal it.

'Cos superman's real now

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I hope for your sake that wasn't a serious post

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for the records. i was racing the CMRC Circuit and i do own a crf450. (that would be a honda). but you can take a mountain bike way more places than a dirt bike.