I was currently looking into either getting a dimbag darrel signature wha pedal or a Jimi Hendrix signarture Wha pedal. I did not know which one to choose. I currently will be using this pedal for alot of White Zombie/Rob Zombie Covers. Which one do u think is better to use?
when i saw the thread name i read it as "wuh pedal"


just so ya know its spelled "wah"
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I picked up a Hendrix one and they sound pretty nice. They're easy to mod - basically unscrew the back of it and then get in there and twist a nob. So don't worry too much about it.
Is there really any difference between the signature crybaby wahs and the normal crybabies besides a fancier paintjob and a name on it? I'm perfectly happy with my original crybaby and it's half the cost of the siggys...
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