If i were to add one, this one to be exact,


would my bass stay in tune?
or would I be tuning it very frequently?

That should sound be funny.
Bass with a tremolo...
Mostly not useful but anyway...
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You shouldn't have to be retuning all the time. If you did, it'd either recommend, or include, string locks.

I had looked at some string locks, what would be a good brand for those? thats where i lose any idea what im buying

I Know the purpose just not the brands of quality ones
i reckon itd be like a strat trem (or any other), where the strings stretch in, settle, and dont go out of tune with gentle vibrato. as with any trem, expect the strings to go out of tune when you really abuse it.

shouldnt be bad though, id like to see it once youve finished it.

oh, and get yourself some sperzel locking tuners. thatd work better.
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Thanks. I'll try and post pics when im done, may be a while though as im looking at a new head for my cabinet ><

My goal is buy another epiphone T-Bird(yeah yeah i know) and replace it there so if it isnt all that great i dont ruin one of my good birds =]

It would basically be a mod bird, overall just this is going to be around $400 little over
I hear dimizro make a replacement pickup for t-birds that are far better.
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I have the older 2410 Kahler on one of my Charvels, and it turned the thing into a sustain monster...going out of tune?...haha never no matter how I beat up on the trem even tuned to DGCF. No string locks, just a well made bridge that stays in tune. I had a hipshot, IMO it was junk and never stayed in tune after one or 2 good bends. I sold the bass long ago to get the one with the Kahler on it ( I bought it already installed, and whoever did it did a good job )

it is a fun playtoy, but for practical uses for what I usually play....naw

OR like I said above, if you get sick of the thing, take the bar off and just use it as a high-mass sustain monster ( it will KILL your stock bridge for sustain )
Ive heard of a couple places with some pretty good replacement t-bird pickups

my goal is to toy around with my mod bird and if i get somthing i love use it. =]

Thanks for the small review on the bridge, it was helpfull
I you're curious about bass trems, I'd check out this site
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That should sound be funny.
Bass with a tremolo...
Mostly not useful but anyway...

I actually made a thread on this before. Tremolo on a bass could be pretty BA for some nice background effects.
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