I noticed when I pluck one of my strings is gives off the regular sound but with a buzzing sound. When I plucked again but thistime with my finger on the fretboard the sound disappeared... I think it has something to do with the nut. Any explanations or advice how to get rid of this annoying buzz please do post it. Thanks in advanced.
yea, what i mean is, when u pluck it open, check to c if its hitting the 1, 2 or 3rd fret bars. could indicate a bow in the neck which is easily fixed with the truss rod
wiki says

"Fret buzz is one of the many undesirable phenomena that can occur on a guitar or similar stringed instrument. Fret buzz occurs when the vibrating part of one or more strings physically strikes the frets that are higher than the fretted note (or open note). This causes a "buzzing" sound on the guitar that can range from a small annoyance, to severe enough to dampen the note and greatly reduce sustain. Sometimes, fret buzz can be so minute that there is only a small change in the tone (timbre) of the note, without any noticeable buzzing. Fret buzz can be caused by different things:

* Low action
* Improperly installed frets (frets are too high)
* Strings too loose
* Improper relief of guitar neck

To counter fret buzz, one would have to eliminate the condition which is causing it. Referencing to the above list, one might have to raise the action, have the frets shaved (should be done by a professional), tighten the strings, get a higher gauge of strings, or adjust the curvature of the neck with the truss rod. It is also suggested that before drastic measures are taken in changing the guitar, replacing the strings should be attempted, as this can eliminate fret buzz if the fret buzz is due to old strings.

Fret buzz is evident in some famous recordings; an example is "Friends" by Led Zeppelin (although this example is undoubtedly caused by alternate open tunings that reduce string tension)."
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