False Dichotomies

Their uncovered tracks weave from Mossadeq's casket
to the buried putrifaction isolated in Rwanda.
Another million cries unheard and swept beneath
business contracts and more financial attraction.
How can they argue and place their finger
and put it down to apathy without a thought
that it might be their fault.
They've simplified satisfaction,
re-wrote the script to create this fetid faction.
Video games to replace education,
but the minutes they writeup at their meetings,
spell out concerns over voter turnout.
How can we not distinguish between
murder en masse in foreign countries
but murder on our own streets?
Such rare distinctions in moral values,
why are they not the same?
why do we not treat them the same?
Murder is murder. Just because it's dressed up
to look like work and compliments
your national interests doesn't mean
it's any more important than sorting
out the streets. But then again, to much
surprise - is it any wonder why there's
killing on our streets when they see
what the troops our doing on tv?
And yet we should respect and honour
these compatriots. Please accept my aplogies
if I'm not weeping in my union jack
hankerchief when hearing their eulogies.
I'm tired of being observed as a bad cliche.