Well ive got myself a floyd rose equipped guitar. i bought it cos it was cheap so even i didnt like floyd rose i bought it. I want to make it a fixed bridge so what is the best solution to do it? is it a better idea to sell this new bought guitar and buy a fixed bridge or will a fixed floyd rose be better with some fine tuners and locking nut? btw guitar is an ibanez rg2550e
Sell it and buy something with a fixed bridge.
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I thought the same thing when I bought my DKMG from a buddy. I hated Floyd Rose's but over time, I got used to it and actually use it alot. I'd say leave it the way it is because you might want to dive bomb every once in a while
Tremol-No! I have one on my RG320, and it is the ultimate solution here. Lock it for increased sustain, and fixed bridge retuning etc. unlock it and you have your FR back, seriously good piece of kit, quite easy to install too
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