Hello all,

Im new here and im teaching myself to site read but I already have a few questions....

The book im using, Im starting off reading a C major scale. Its telling me what string and what fret to use. But do I have to use those? Example, it has me go from a C on the A string 3rd fret to the open D string, but I want to go to the D on the A string 5th fret. Does it matter? Can I use ether? If I read a F note on the staff ( Bottom space ) how do I know what F I play where?

Thanks in advance....
The position the note is in on the stave tells you the pitch of the note, not where to play it - so you could substitute the open D for the D at the 5th fret of the A string, but not for the D at the 12th fret of the D string, as that would be an octave higher
Zhilla is dead on. Sometimes guitar notation will have the position written over the staff. This will tell you whereabouts on the fretboard you should have your fretting hand.

You definitely want to know the notes in multiple locations. This way you can choose the best one depending on what note you are coming from and what note you are going to.
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What that guy said is good^. I would add that using the 5th fret for the D is very inefficient for 1st position, if you were using 2nd postion then the 5th fret would be correct. So use the open D and learn C in 1st position, then learn second position, then if you want you can use them interchangeably. This way you dont get too lost.
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Different positions of the same note also offer different phrasing options. Like notes up higher are better for sliding up to and bending, and notes lowers are better for pulling off to open strings.
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ok, so as long as it actually the same pitch and not an octive higher, I can use what ever position I see fit?