This is the first rap i've ever written, I kinda based it on being sort of a RATM song.

Crayon scribbled words on cardboard signs,
Show more truth than religious shrines,
And if you look hard enough you're likely to find,
These realized truth's will blow your mind.

The government says whatever will appease us,
Just a secretive sheet as they try to seize us.
Try to spread the word but noone will believe us,
Their dominated minds just can't perceive us.

So we try to start an army but we just aren't able,
They got people spying underneath every table.
Want us to believe that where we are is stable,
But we realize this is just a well orchestrated fable.

Now they dominate,
and recreate,
everything we used to hate,
No use trying to debate,
their ability to discriminate,
ability to desecrate.
But it's not too late,
to procreate a new fate.
Just await the day,
when we get straight a new estate.
sounds like you tried to be Rage, without the smooth lines and awesome metaphors. So basically an anti-government "rap" with easy, uncomplicated lines and rhymes. It's not bad, but it ain't different.