Hey im stuck between two guitars and need help deciding. Im looking at a '56 les paul goldtop and a les paul standard. Im looking to get a style like gnr,ledzep etc. any help appriciated!!
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I think that because the Goldtop comes with P-90's its a little less suited for the job. The standard comes with the run-o-the-mill humbuckers and would probably sound a bit better for some GnR and Zepp. Either guitar will sound fine but I think the standard would fit your needs a little better.
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Hey, I've got the perfect guitar for you.

I'm selling an Epiphone Les Paul vintage sunburst plus top electric guitar, made in Korea in 2000 (serial number S00064515). It has the following upgrades:

1. Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro pickups (the ones Slash uses)
2. Alpha pots
3. Vitamin Q capacitors (0.015 neck, 0.022 bridge)
4. Allparts toggle and jack
5. Gotoh locking tuners
6. Gotoh bridge and tailpiece
7. Schaller straplocks
8. Stew Mac knob pointer washers

Nails GnR and Zeppelin. Looking to get around $500 shipped for it. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you some pics.