So just wondering what the census's leg used while playing sitting down is?

Mines the one across from my picking hand. I actually find it easier to pick.

Then again I have a warlock so I sit the fork of the body on my right leg and put the underside on my left (kin of like how you sit with a flying V) which I find props the next up more and overall makes it easier for me to play faster.

I also find it means my left arm is more open for high notes and solos and such. Gives me more breathing room I guess because my arm isnt pressed against my body :P

Which one do you guys prefer?

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i place the guitar on my Picking hand leg (my left).
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I'm right handed, so I put it on my left leg so I can angle it upwards. It puts my arm in a more comfortable position for fretting across 5 frets, whereas if it's on my right leg I can barely reach it at all and it puts my wrist in an awkward position for playing higher up the neck.
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yea... so many electric players i saw at school (graduated last june) would play on the opposite leg. and then they wondered why they could only do chords

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I rest my guitar on my right leg, same as my picking hand.
I can't imagine that people like to play with the guitar on their other leg:P
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I play a V so it's between my legs, I have the top horn of the V going over my right leg and the bottom horn going under. Then the side rests on my left leg.
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I play with mine across from my picking hand, angled up slightly. I find this puts my picking arm in a much more natural position, which makes it more tension-free.
I find it much more comfortable to sit with it on my left leg so that it's propped up a bit more. However, when I do that, it makes it difficult to mute unwanted string noise the way I do it now and it's much easier to do it on my right leg. Then again, I don't sit down when I practice much.
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I sit it on my left leg, else my picking hand tenses up horribly.
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If I'm playing seriously it's classical style but if I'm just strumming something simple or noodling a bit it'll be the other leg so I don't have to sit so straight...
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I'm a classical sitting player, but I could do it on either leg.
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I can play both, but it's a fact that the classical position, from an experience and a medical point of view is far more beneficial to ur playing.

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i put it on classical or on my left leg

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I can play both, but I prefer my left leg. I find it easier to strum, and its more comfortable with my bulky as hell acoustic.

Unless I'm not even on a chair (eg; cross legged on the floor) then I put it towards my right...

and I sometimes randomly change legs... lol

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Depends on what style I'm playing, where I'm sitting, etc.
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Well I have a Rhoads, so when I do sit down it sits on my right leg angled upwards, which is actually pretty comfortable and makes a lot of things much easier, contrary to what some people like to think.

But if I'm standing up and I get to something particularly difficult I have to rest on usually my left leg so I can make bigger stretches and just have an easier angle to play with =)