Hope you can read that?
There's a bit of inconsistency but it appears to be an A harmonic minor starting on the 5th (E)...gives a nice Latin flavour, fun scale.
A harmonic minor
A minor without flattening the seventh.
EDIT: The 3rd fret on the high e needs to be a four.
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.5,1.5,.5,1,.5,1,1,.5,1.5,.5,1.5,.5,1,1,.5,1 intervals? i dunno. i'm too sleepy to think about it
oh wait. it's a fudged harmonic minor
That is strange, first two times G# is used in this scale, the third time it's G. I'm guessing it's a regular Cmaj scale, with G# used twice. Guitar Pro says it's "C augmented fifth scale".
Thanks guys, umm i typed that out myself i didnt do the intervals correctly but i was just wondering what it was so i could find the rest of the scale