K I would like to know what people think of this song. Any feedback would be nice.
Also I messed around with the guitars and im not to good at adjusting the sound on GP do if you can fix the sound quality that would be epic lol.
Sonata Of Fire.zip
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To be honest, it needs a lot of work.

Drums would be a more than welcome addition, so it would be well worth your time to figure out how to write and tab out drums for the song.

-The intro riff is good, no real complaints there except that maybe a few of the melody lines seem a tad off key.
-The verse riff needs to be changed though, the rhythm really isn't too interesting and since its basically the same progression used as in the intro, it's too repetitive.
-With the pre chorus, I have the same complaint. It's based on the same chords.
-The chorus isn't transitioned into well at all, and even then, it just doesn't sound right.
-The bridge is too repetitive as well, and is basically just the verse.
-I like that in Bar 141, you vary it up with some pedal riffing.

Keep at it and don't be discouraged, the more you write and refine your songs, the better you'll get.
And I do like the song title. XD