Pretty simple really: Guitar brands with good archtop guitars. Can be hollow or not.
Already got Gibson and Gretsch.

Price range £100 to £400
Mainly for blues and jazz etc
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^Saw 'Goldtop' and'P90' and immediately knew you would post it.
Here is it affordable:
The goldtop has P90's, the other has Seymour Duncans. Both archtop, and both fantastic.

Maybe that's the one I played? The price seemed a bit high on the one I posted but I played it in the US and prices are all over the place. Last weekend on a MIM tele, Samash $899, GC $399. I mean seriously, the stores are 4 miles apart.
If you played it in the states, then the prices will be different. For Washburns, the UK price is the equivalent as the conversion rate from $ to £.
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