My usual bass, a Squier deluxe jazz V, has stopped working. No visible signs, new battery, no sound.

I have an old P bass i got off freecycle but the electronics are knackered.
This is what I see:

I've looked at wiring diagrams and can't seem to relate the two.


edit: for some reason the pic wont show, its on my profile though.
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Label the diagram, I don't understand
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Seymour duncun and fender websites both have wiring dagrams for this setup check them out.
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left to right - bridge, jack input, tone pot, volume pot, pickups

the wires are coming from a hole and i cant see how the pickups are wired without dismantling everything.
Along with Fender and Seymour Duncan, check out Stewart MacDonalds website. When I re-wired my AccuBass, they had some nice diagrams on line.
A better picture pf this would be good...it looks like there could be some wires loose, though. Also, what are the random wires with the soldered tips attached to? (tone pot, bridge, and pink/yellow)

Either half of this circuit is missing(note the one wire attached to the jack), or there is something else being used for the ground...note the one wire attached to the jack. I know on my old Teisco they used the metal pickguard as ground...could it be something similar? Is there tinfoil or something on the pickguard?
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I think in your case the yellow wire to the pickups is the lead and the red is the ground. And somehow instead of 1 wire going in between them its setup so that the two pickups are connected to each other with a red and yellow wire (confusing...).

As far as I know this is how the signal path should go.

From the tip of the input jack, to the middle pole of the volume knob into, one side of the knob should have its pole attached to the back and grounded and that ground should be soldered with the wire to the bridge along with the wire from the ground of the pickups.

Back to the master volume, the pole that isn't grounded and isn't soldered to the input jack goes to one of the outer pole pieces on the tone pot. The middle has a capacitor between it and the gets grounded to the back of that pot which also has a wire soldered to it that goes to the sleeve of the jack.

I'm still confused by your diagram but thats how its supposed to be.
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IT LIVES, well sort of, cheers for all your help.

It needs completely rewiring, preferably by someone who can solder well enough to not burn their fingers so much that once they've finished they can't play the sodding thing anyway... But for now it works ar long as I sit completely still.