I would say I am between beginner - intermediate.
I'm looking for some acoustic tabs, to help with finger picking.
I've learnt:
Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight [Acoustic]
Get Cape Wear Cape Fly - War Of The Worlds
Michael Jackson - Heal The World

Anything similar to those would be great.

Thanks in advance.


Classical Gas - Tommy Emmanuel
Babe im gonna leave you - Led Zep
To Zanarkand - Final Fantasy (A cool little fingerpick tune. Definitly check it out even if you aint played FFX )
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Nothing else matters by metallica...
epic fingerpicking song

That guy said it.
Ha... first time i posted here, weren't expecting so many replies so quickly..
Now to practice !
Windowpane - Opeth
It's recorded with an electric guitar but it sounds just as good on an acoustic.