Does anyone here have one, and if so whats your opininon? I think they look pretty cool and the specs seem pretty good. I'm thinking about picking one up. Guitar Center is like 45 mins away so I don't know when I'll be able to try one out. Also, the burst looks different in every picture I've seen if anyone could post a pic of thiers I'd appreciate it.
Never played one, but i hear good thing about it
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The firebird Studio is cool but the Firebird IV is the best. It has 3 minibuckers and a maestro trem system. Not to mention all the hardware is GOLD!
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I have owned a few over the years. The one I have kept is actually an older one with a bolt on neck. I have loved all of them. I just recently sold one of the Limited Edition Studios because I was offered a price I couldn't turn down it was actually twice what I paid for it. (I got it for a very good price) As with any guitar you need to play it first and see if it's for you. I think Epi Firebirds are great guitars they play well and sound nice they are pretty versatile as well.
DAMNIT the sunburst one is discontinued!

Why is it that when I finally fall in love with a guitar its no longer available?!