One of the best live shows you'll ever go to. Expect lots of costumes and stage antics. Have a good camera ready (if you must take pictures) for the songs where LTJ don't use horns, because the brass section will start doing ridic stuff. Especially if you see them put on the jumpsuits, get ready for hilarity. Try not to video or take pictures, and enjoy yourself and live in the moment instead of taking a thousand pictures, then you lose the experience. I know I just contradicted myself.
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They're coming here tomorrow night. I'm not going, though. I like the Expendables, but Less Than Jake isn't my cup of tea.

Yeah I was thinking about going tomorrow, only thing is money is tight right now and I've caught LTJ the last two times they've been in ATL. I'd like to see the Expendables though, I've never seen them.
I went to this show in st pete florida and it kicked ass!
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LTJ shows are sooooo much fun!
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The Expendables put on an awesome live show. Definitely one of my favorite live bands
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