Yeah the good ol' Sandman... I know it's been done a million times and you're all bored of it now, but please check my cover:

Sandman Cover

Also, forgive me for the messy solo etc. My camera's a bish and I only had the chance to take one video before it screwed up, so this is the first and only recording I managed to make
I'm gonna be honest, it was good up till about halfway thru the solo. There you definetly need work. You also look for uncomfortable when playing, and you need to learn how to properly use all your fingers. It's a 4/5 on the sound, but a 2/5 on technique.

Mostly what he said. It sounded good up until the solo, you were definitely not using the most efficient fingering for each note. The rhythm sounded pretty good, but the lead needs some work. It takes a long time to build a good lead sound, it just takes a lot of practice. Could you also critique mine if you have the chance?:


Yeah I admit the solo was pretty bad, I CAN do better tho (yeah thats what they all say) but I'm having touble recording with this camera and I could only have 1 take, so the pressure got me And yeah, I still need to practice it, even though I said I can do 'better' doesn't mean I can do 'perfect', thanks for the critic guys.
Not bad man. Practice bending with three fingers. Three fingers if using the ring finger. Two if using your middle finger. But try bending with your ring finger often. Sounded good overall.

Crit 4 crit?

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