Considering buying one, then replacing the pickups with something decent.
Anyone have experience with them?
Should I just not do this?
Apparently the necks are pretty $hit

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If sagas are no good then there are BYOguitar.com and ebay. you can always find some good stuff on ebay.
Ya the saga sucks don't do it unless you want a guitar to use pyro on... like i am a big ace frehley fan so i put the smoking kit on it
dont do it, want a custom guitar? make it yourself.
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i got one a while ago, i got the LP version, and the neck pocket wasnt great and the neck did have a little twist to it. the wiring kits are HORRIBLE. the connections are metal, and they buzz and make all kinds of noise when they touch together, it also has some crazy finish on it that is ridiculously hard to get off. dude if you wanna get a build kit, go to carvin.com and look for them there. their kits, are alot more expensive, but atleast you wont be kicking yourself because you bought a carvin. plus, itll come with good pickups and a neck you know will be straight, and quality.
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Grizzly tools have guitar kits that you could look at. I've heard good things about them.
If saga would just stop wasting the money for the hardware and pickups. And put the money into the body and neck for that price it might be decent. But for that kind of money your not going to get much. All the saga guitar bodies were basswood which is an economy wood, doesnt mean its bad but there is good basswood and not so good. Not sure how a LP with a basswood body and maple neck would sound.