Hey guys, I recently bought an Ibanez rg350dx guitar and as you may or may not know it has a locking nut. Now my problem is, is that when I tune my guitar with the locking nut open (with the tuning pegs) and then tighten the locking nut and go and fine tune it with the buttons on my bridge it goes horribly out of tune really easily. And the slightest touch of the tremelo arm and it goes out again! Any advice? Where am I going wrong?

Thanks, Aidan.
Sounds like your nuts aren't functioning as a single unit.

Yes, I meant it to sound that way.
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You need to compensate for that.

Set your bridge tuners so that they are mostly out, not all the way though, leave a little so you can tune down if you have to after you lock the nut.

Pre-stretch you strings

Tune a little flat before you lock the nut

You are going to have to make a couple of passes with the bridge tuners.

Check your spring tension too.
Usually the issue is due to the poor quality of the EDGE III had the same issue with mine. Eventually got tired of it and sold it.

First I would check and make sure everything is tight. Neck screws, nut screws, trem screws and so on. Everything had to be re-tightened on mine about once a month or so. Also check for knife edge wear on the trem. Make sure you strings are not slipping out the saddles. But eventually you will be looking at getting another trem or guitar.

Also tighting the locking nut will slightly throw the tuning out of whack. More so if you tigthen slowly. You need a really quick snap and leave it if you catch what im saying. Just turn it really quick in one smooth motion dont trun slowly and stop and turn again. But this should be easily fixed with the fine tuners if not see above...
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The nuts sound like they arent working properly
or maybe it hasnt been re-strung properly at the bridge, have you restrung it recently?
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Yeah, this may have been posted already but it really needs to be emphasised...as with any tuning related problems: stretch your strings in as soon as you restring it, and try and restring all at the same time...of course not possible if you snap one...but still.
If you just put them on and play, they're goin to go all sorts of funny lengths because of truss rod adjustment, grip quality of the nut/bridge etc. So you gotta stretch them properly first. This is just a matter of tuning up slightly, physically grabbing the string and pulling it up slightly and repeating a few times =]