OK guys, here is the thing. I break up for Univeristy in MAY and will have 4 months break in which time I will be working and building up a fair amount of cash. Also during this time I will have a lot of spare time in which I want to really take my level of play up a gear.

The only thing is, that having gone through several practice amps (my current being a Roland Microcube...), and want to finally invest in a really good valve amp. To make things clearer here are the stats if you will:

Current Gear- Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Tone I looking for- I need something versatile here, I want to play stuff from early Guns N' Roses, Van Halen and Black Sabbath, then Maiden and perhaps Bullet for my Valentine.

Budget- £500/$690 I can move on this, but only for something pretty damn awesome which will fill my needs like nothing else.

Cheers guys!
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Not sure how it converts to pounds, but look into Randall Amplifiers. I got mine for just under 600 dollars

This is the answer.
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That budget won't get you your last amp....
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That budget won't get you your last amp....

If you want your last amp, the only way to go is a Soldano SLO 100, because it has a transferable lifetime warranty!

Seriously, though, if you want basically a Marshall tone, & you live in the UK, a tube Marshall of some sort (I'm not sure what's available over there) should do it for you.
Likely necessitating an OD to get BFMV tone as stated previously.
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some guy mentioned randalls.

check them out on ebay and see if you can get one of those module amps.

i dont know if your familiar with them but they made them so you can change out the pramp and switch it with another one to completely change the amps charecter.

lets say you want van hallen, they got a module for that.

lets say you want hendrix, they got a plexi module.

and it goes on and on etc.


you can start with one module obviosly and then get more down the road.
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Heh you guys are awesome, thanks for the replies. The Marshall looks pretty sweet and I'm leaning towards that but I will look into the others as well.

Telestar if I could amass that kind of cash before my term starts up again at the end of September then I would honestly consider it lol.

Yeah I was kinda dramatic in my thread title, but the kind of amp I am looking for is something that will last me indefinitely until I actually get good enough to start playing gigs with friends (i.e. probably not anytime soon lol...)...

Like I said though, £500 is kinda like a rough guide, but I am not really going to be spending cash on anything else this summer so I can move on that by maybe another £200 if I don't buy random stupid **** on eBay
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a randall RM model would CERTAINLY keep you satisfied for years, but you need a bit more of a budget than what you've stated. for the tones you want, and the budget you have, i don't think you'll get an amp that can you could claim to be your 'LAST' amp you'd ever need for a while.

you prolly should go with a marshally sounding valve amp for the most part, and i think a used Traynor or something along those lines would work out. if you can stretch your budget, however, definitely go for a Randall RM50, used of course, with EL34s or get it switched to that.
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I agree with the others, save a bit more and try for a Randall RM series model. If you don't plan to do any major gigs, an RM20 (20 watts) should be enough for you, as it's a loud 20w.

Plus, the switchable modules allow you all kids of sounds.
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Peavey will have a 6505+ 112 coming out a little later this year, like Q2 sometime. Its MSRP is around $720, so you might want to take a look at it if you want to play some high-gain stuff. I've never played a 6505 before, but they're plenty popular.
I would say a splawn competitoin but you don't have enough.

so I say Laney AOR
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a 6505+ would do the BFMV probably really well, but the others it would just be over the top, i think he's better off getting a mid gain vintage voiced amp, and push it for metal when the time arises.
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"They call him the 'Sand Spider.' -Why? -Probably because it sounds scary"
*Agile AL3000 Les Paul w/ Alnico IIs
*Randall RM50
*Dunlop CFH
*fellow LEO feel free to give a shout out