Hi, ive never been real pedal guy, but ive got a few cause of the new direction of my band. ive got a...
Boss NS2 (noise gate)
Boss CH1 (chorus)
Boss CS3 (compressor)
Blackstar HT-Dual (distortion)
Blackstar HT-Boost (boost)
Crybaby wah (crap wah lol)

How should i connect these pedals up in order to get the best out of each?

I just tryed out

Guitar>Wah>NS2 (then sent out to)>HT-Dual>CH1>NS2 (return)>CS3>HT-Boost>Amp

Advice on a different way.

I really dont know much about pedals

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I was under the impression that compressors should go first, and that time based effects (chorus) should go after the noise gate (so that the gate does not prematurly clip the effect).
Whatever sounds best to you. It makes a great deal of sense to have your NS2 at the end of your chain, not at the start.
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