one of the strap locks of my LP is loosening itself slowly whenever i have the strap on. the screw will be tight at first, then over time the weight of the guitar pulling on the strap will cause it to slowly wiggle loose. this is probably a common problem with a lot of people. what's the best thing to do? getting a slightly wider screw will prolly be difficult as if it's too wide, it won't fit through the strap button.

wood filler? super glue? what's the best way to take care of it? thanks a lot guys.
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Matchsticks or toothpicks in the hole with a little wood glue. Let it dry and snap the ends off then stick the screw back in.
^+1 I usually just shove a match stick in there and break it off, I don't bother with glue.
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yeah i this problem my lp has a bigsby on it so its even heavyer and i splasghed out on teh best straplocks and simpel mach stick and glue does the trick i play it everyday standing up in rehersals or gigs and i have had to re do this twice !!!

if you can find a raw plug that fits and gue that in then it will stay forever