So I found a deal on a Fender Blues Deville. It is in perfect working shape, but more than half of the tolex is ripped off. I am not knowledgeable/talented enough to take on this retolexing job myself, so does anyone have an idea of how much it would cost to have someone retolex the amp?
Anyone know?

How much would it cost to do this myself, and is it as hard as it seems, or is it an easy process. How long would it take to do myself?
im not exactly sure but i believe they make tolex in a can that is relativley cheap im not sure though i may be thinking of something else.

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You can buy some here. I'm not sure how good the prices are, it was just the first result of a google search for fficial&client=firefox-a">vinyl tolex.

I'm going to do the exact same thing to my DeVille since I bought it used and it has most of its tolex torn off. Interesting coincidence

I'm going to use some industrial contact cement and a paintbrush to put the new stuff on.
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I am going to pick up the amp later on today, and then I will decide what I am going to do with it. I am even considering just stripping off the remaining tolex, sanding down the wood, and then just varnishing it. I am not sure right now
Tolexing isn't gonna be hard, you just have to take your time and line everything up nicely.

Pics of the amp when you get it?

So I just got the amp and the thing sounds amazing. It is in perfect working order...the only problem is the cabinet that it is in. Is there anywhere online where i could find a cabinet for a blues deville, or I am going to have to look into a custom job? I will post some pics later on tonight
dont order tolex online!!! this could be a under $20 project

tolex at a local fabric store 5$ a yard
spray can glue from a hardwear store 2$
a xtracto knife 2$

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Ok so i found someone who is going to make a cab for a good price, but I am trying to find the "official" blueprint for the cab online, but I cannot find it. Anyone know of any sites that will have this type of information.