ive been playing guitar for a while now but on-off and im only now getting seriouse. anyways i was looking at the tabs for decode by paramore and you have to do a hammer-on and then several pull-offs. i can do both but when together i cant keep the vollume. you cant hear the second pullof. what can i do? do i need an echoey amp to hear it or something? thanks.
It's basically the same concept as when someone taps: don't hit and lift perpendicularly, i.e. straight up and down. Kind of bend the string out towards the base of your finger and release it when you trill (repeated ho/po). It takes a little practice.
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Exactly, it takes practice. And just like any other technique involving the guitar it'll take some people longer than others to perfect.

Keep at it, I'm sure if you want it enough and are prepared to practice then it shouldn't be too far away.
try not to "bend" the string, but the concept is similar. imagine that your picking the string with your finger when you pull off. you sort of drag or rake your finger across the string to keep it ringing.
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