I am a 17 year old Guitarist/Bassist with nearly 3 years experience and I live in South East London.

I am looking for a dedicated drummer, bassist and singer (and another guitarist maybe) to form a band to write songs, play gigs, record and have fun with.

But I am willing to join a rock group that has got a guitarist or bassist short.

My favorite bands range from every era and genre in Rock N Roll, from 60/70s Classic Rock to Heavy Metal to modern bands of today.

I dont want to make rock music in any particular direction, just music thats great and sounds right.

If you or anyone you know is interested, then just comment me on my profile and I will take it from there.

where abouts in south east london you from?
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Is this your music?

Are you confused? You have like 5 genres mixed into one thing. Who's the dude with the lisp rapping? because I bursted out laughing.
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where abouts in south east london you from?

I live in Thamesmead/Woolwich area