hey all, im a guitar playing student who needs a good way of recording, atm i just use this crappy little mixer into a rubbish laptop with guitar rig 3 on it, and then into another pc with something like audacity or adobe auditioner.
what i'm looking for is an easy and good quality way of plugging my guitar into my desktop pc, then use guitar rig 3 with it, as it is on my desktop pc as well, and then use the tones i get from guitar rig to record into a good software.
i have looked at the M-audio fast track USB with session, but i'm pretty sure you cant use guitar rig as a plugin with it.
open for suggestions
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You can use Fast Track USB w/ GRig. If you're using Session, and if it has VST capabilities, you'll have to load GR as a VST plugin. If it doesn't have VST capabilities, then not sure what to do there. You'll have to mess with it a bit, maybe add the GR preset later. But yes, you should be able to use GR w/ the M Audio external sound card w/o a problem. I believe people also use GR with Audacity, also. In the past, I've used Sony Acid Music Studio - I know its another lump of $$ to invest, but I used an M Audio sound card with that DAW without problems. Hope this helps.
This forum helped a lot when I was first getting my Acid DAW together:
cheers man, that made my day
im not sure about the audacity thing though, as i have it and i can't find a way to use GR as a plugin.
What is your budget for this?

You can use GR with pretty much any hardware, and any software which supports vst's. Without knowing your budget it's pretty hard to recommend anything, but the Fast Track would be suitable for your needs, although I'd suggest something with a USB 2.0 connection instead, for less latency.

The EMU 0202 would be good, and it comes with both Cubase LE and Sonar LE (and Live LE!) which are lite versions of popular recording programs. You'll be able to use Guitar Rig within them as a plugin to record.
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Along the same lines as the guy above a good option would be a TonePortGX. You don't have to use gearbox, you can just use it as an input then run through GR. It comes with Ableton Live 8 which is a reasonable DAW (not nearly as good as Cubase or Sonar).

The bonus here is cost, it got mine for AUD$85 last year. I use it when I want to demo stuff out and CBF running through my DIGI003.
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For really cheap you can get Cubase AI4 which is the Light version of LE(Light Version of heavey). It comes with most Yamaha USB Mixers, and some other companies(Cant think of any ATM)

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