hey whenever i play barre and power chords, i have my thumb on teh back on the guitar neck, (when i play lead, solos etc my thumb is wrapped as an anchor)

but when i play for more then a few minutes my arm/hand muscles feel strained and tired, is this normal, as in it will go away with more practice(i usually spend my time on lead not playing chords), or am i doing something wrong ergonomically
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You might be too tense from putting too much pressure on with your thumb - try and see how much pressure you actually need to make all the notes ring out ok and then try and stick to that. I do the same thing and I have to force myself to relax and not squeeze my neck to death playing barre chords

EDIT: Yes it gets easier with practice, but its easier to practice if it doesn't hurt
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Yah I get the same thing. It only happens sometimes. Generally when I'm bored as **** and playing rythm or something with ppl. It's probably just getting tense.