Why can't there be on/off switch, not 3 different settings that I have no idea of what they do.

I have a Stereo Pair of Berhinger C-2s, problem is,
I can't find the normal setting on this. There's three different switchy things.
I will list what they do:
TopandMid- Low-Cut Filter: 6dB/oct. At 120Hz (switchable)
Bottom- Level Attenuation: -10dB (switchable)
Those were copied from a website.

Which one of them is the normal setting I would use for
1.Micing a cab
2.Micing as stereo pair

Any help appreciated, Thanks
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The filters cut frequencies from the microphone before it gets to whatever you're recording into. The attenuator cuts 10DB from the output of the microphone. I'd leave them all in whatever position is "off" for micing most things but feel free to experiment.
listen to yourself talking through it while flicking the switches, it should become very obvious.
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The one nearest the capsule.

The one with the flat line is regular. (Use this on vocals/acoustic guitar)

The skonky line is bass cut. (Use this when the above has too much bass and you don't have access to a real EQ)

The -10dB is a 10 decibel attenuation. (Use this on loud stuff like drum kits and loud guitar cabs).
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