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Love the old school punk
7 30%
Love the new stuff
0 0%
Hate Both
8 35%
Love Both
3 13%
Im into other kinds of punk( Ska Punk, emo, etc..)
5 22%
Voters: 23.
Hey everyone,
Im writing an essay on Punk( music and "culture")
I thought if I could put a stat of how many people like the current punk( offspring green day, so on) and the old, what you preffer, og if you hate it.
i don't like new punk or traditional punk, but i do like the odd punk influenced band
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I'm not hugely into either but I really like some of the 70's punk like The Ramones and The Clash.
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The genre doesn't really determine whether or not I like the music. Kristy Are You Doing Okay is a cool song by The Offspring, and I like a few of their others. I like pre American Idiot Green Day.
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I like some punk influenced music, and some earlier hardcore ( early AFI ). But I don't really like older punk. I especially don't like newer attempts at punk.
why do you only have love/hate?

i like some punk like Sum41 or Offspring or some stuff my friend listens to i couldnt tell you the name of.

but i hate the sex pistols. clash are ok, but NOT sex pistols. that anarchy song sucks bawls IMO.

i just hate the voice
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Real Punk.
Black Flag, MDC, Dead Kennedys,
stuff like that..

What the hell?
Is that considered punk?
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xjosheex, you have made a simple answer to it all haha

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I'm into the some of the more interesting 80's hardcore; those that experimented with noise (Flipper, Black Flag), the early emocore bands (Embrace, Rites of Spring) simply because of their raw energy.

I also like both the 60's proto-punk/garage rock (Patti Smith, New York Dolls, The Stooges) and the first wave of punk rock (Sex Pistols, Television, Siouxsie and the Banshees) for their very honest and very personal take on music; wach of these bands sounded completely unique.

Much of the punk now is garbage; it all sounds the same. How can it be punk - a rejection of the rules - if there are firm rules to follow. I can't stand bands like NOFX, The Offspring, blink-182, Millencollin, etc... What's the point of making music that is so utterly impersonal? They try so hard to be "punk", but clearly they don't believe in its ideals. Some recent bands are truly exceptional (Gallows, Polar Bear Club), but most have veered towards different genres, probably because of the limitations associated with punk now (no, you can't do that, it's not "real punk"!)

I listen to a lot of the more experimental post-hardcore (Blood Brothers, At The Drive-In, Drive Like Jehu); some of the freshest music has belonged to that genre. I also enjoy "real" screamo (Funeral Diner, Circle Takes the Square, I Hate Myself). I believe that's where the raw energy that once fuelled hardcore can now be found I don't have a problem with most newer, more generic post-hardcore bands. True, they're much more commercial, but the (MTV) "emo" scene is essentially harmless, and it gives kids an easy path to discovering much better music (I'd never have discovered any of the bands I listen to if I hadn't started off listening to My Chemical Romance and AFI three years ago).
I'd say take it to the punk forum in B&A, but somehow this seems like something they'd get a lot... you could try, though.

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