hey. i have a fretless peavey millenium bass im gonna sell on ebay. just lookin for a good price to set it at. its has some small scratches on the back, but other than that it is in very good condition. quilted maple veneer. gray stain to black sunburst. black back, sides.

also brand new flat wound strings. any ideas?
Just send that on over to me
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lol. yeah i would love to get a deal like that. i was thinkin like $200. its fretless so i think people like that alot. i dont play bass nearly as much as guitar so i dont know
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it is defretted. 247? hell yeah.

was it a good defretting job or...kinda crappy

'cause that makes all the difference
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if you have to ask, it is a piece of **** then. you always start bids at 10,000 USD
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