One of my friends introduced me to this band like a week ago. They're really, really good. I'd recommend the album Kill Punk Rock Stars to anyone who likes the Arrogant Sons of Bitches or ska-punk stuff of that sort.


I'm the type of nigga that's built to last
If you fuck with me, I'll put my foot in your ass
See, I don't give a fuck cause I keep bailin
Yo, what the fuck are they yellin?!

I saw them play with BTMI! a year ago, they were awesome. Live they sounded like a straight-up hardcore band and multiple members were wearing Bad Brains shirts.
Didn't like it. I was expecting this and got something completely different.
You listen to rock, your ass is goin to HELL! You listen to country western music, read your bible, you saved, your soul is saved.