hello, im asking for some advice. i went to both guitar center and sam ash today and got my 1997 american fender strat appraised. GC tried to rip me off and said it was worth 200 while Sam ash said 400 which i believe is more reasonable. I also have a telecaster and both of my guitars have chips in the paint. I honestly like the sound of the telecaster which is mexican made, but i was looking at a gretsch g5120 electromatic hollowbody which i played and loved the sound of. I didnt see how much my tele is worth but its probably around 200 maybe less sicne theres a lot of chips, but should i trade them in for the one gretsch? i believe i will since it sounds so great for my style of playing.
check out Ebay's completed listings for a more accurate "appraisal" of your guitar, GC and Sam Ash will rip you off completely. I'd say more around 6-800 for a 97 strat is a good private market price.
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even if its kind of beaten up? id be the one ripping people off on the internet if i got a lot for em. and i'm lazy when it comes to selling crap over the internet.
If you don't want to use the internet post a classified and try to sell it locally. It sounds like you are getting shafted (as stores usually do) on a trade. Even with some chips being MIA you should be able to get $500- $700 out of you Strat.
ill put something on craigslist and maybe see how much the telecaster is worth at samash and GC since i havnt found out yet but im betting itll be around 200. New its worth like 1000$ and its got about 5 chips in it. They both sound great its just not the tone im looking for since i like a good clean tone. I like the idea of selling it locally though so thanks.
I think you're overestimating the effect that a few paint chips have on a guitar. A used MIM tele, I'd say would probably go for around $200-400 private market depending on the year, any mods and over all condition. Sam Ash and GC would probably only give you around $100 for one.

A few dings and chips in the paint will decrease the resale value of a guitar, but not by the leaps and bounds your thinking off. 5 chips in the paint would probably knock like... $50 off the price of a MIM tele and probably $100 off the price of a MIA strat. Just look around on CL, Ebay and any other place you can buy used instruments to get an idea of what each should be worth. Failing that, check the blue book.
Fact: Bears eat beats. Bears beats Battlestar Galactica.
thanks if anyones interested theyll be on craigslist soon enough. With pictures