Oh no here it goes,
No more halos.
We’re all living in the ghettos,
Hiding all our woes.

Drop the beat, we are the elite.
We do not cheat,
Living to the sound of our heartbeat.
Pulling off incredible feats,
Almost losing ourselves in the heat.

We don’t need them,
They may condemn,
We’ll cause some mayhem.
Ahem, it’s them!

Living on our own,
We are not alone.
Breaking our bones,
We do not moan.
Our stories written in stone,
We’re all homegrown.
Don’t use that tone,
You’ll lose your throne,
And meet your tombstone.

We don’t do this for us,
We don’t need to be famous.
We’re not fearless, nor are we faceless.
They may seem harmless,
Maybe even heartless,
But they’re full of roughness,
We lack no shyness, but we’re also gracious.

It’s inevitable,
We will burn this candle.
We fear not the devil,
Though he is dreadful.
He will be met, it’s inevitable.
not to sound harsh, just because you can find ten words that all rhyme doesn't mean that you should put them all in one song. the long stanzas are especially painful; they feel like you pulled out a rhyming dictionary and just found lines for each word in them. if you pull out a lot of these lines, i think there could be something alright in here. for example, get rid of 'though he is dreadful,' and the last stanza is actually tolerable.

keep writing, and don't worry so much about fitting a million rhymes into a song!
yeah sorry this doesnt sound that good. it sounds more like a poem
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