so i wanted to buy an orange 2x12 cab.they have and open and closed back, and the open back being much cheaper, so whats the difference.Also what would be a good head for this cab. I would be playing small shows like 50-100 people. i have no price range. i play in a hardcore band, so that would be what music i play.
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For metal I'd stick with the closed back. It will sound tighter and there will be more low end.

Plus if you don't have a budget, go ahead and get the better.
buying a cab before the head? that makes no sense. Yes, the cab is part of your tone, but the head is what REALLY shapes your tone. The order (IMO) that things go that affect tone are as follows: Head-Guitar (pickups really)-Cab in that order. find a head that you like first

also, orange cabs are slightly ridiculously overpriced, check out Avatar Cabs or something similar. You want a closed back cab with good speakers. Another thing that you really want to consider is Solid State or Tube before you even consider buying a head, which DEFINATELY comes before buying a cab.

cabs are also easy to upgrade, and another thing, you need the head first because you need to make sure you can match the Ohm ratings with the cab
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well, I agree, closed back for the bass response

and, I also like matching heads and cabs as they just seem to "fit" alot of times
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