Hi ive played bass for almost 6 years and im thinking of starting playing guitar just for a change and i was wondering what are some good starting guitars and amps that arent going to cost me an arm and a leg (and i dnt mind playing used if its in good cond.)cause ive never really played to much attention to them so any advice would be great
look up jackson, ibanez, or epiphone starter sets those to me are the best brands to start and also see if there is an ltd esp starter kit with an amp and all that because i thought they had one at a store with an esp ltd guitar and a line 6 amp.
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I don't like to recommend guitars, because you should buy them based on what you like, not what I like, but my Kramer Striker was pretty cheap and it's very reliable. Get the one with the fixed bridge, though. The floyd on it is a cheap metal alloy. Thus, it will warp easily.

Amps I want to say to get a tube amp, but if you don't want to spend very much, and your main instrament is bass, then it's probably not a very good investment. Please, please, PLEASE stay away from Marshall MG ss amps.
I would look into a cheap Ibanez, or an Epiphone. They are great for starting and advanced players and can be pretty cheap. As for an amp, it depends what kind of sound you want to get out of it, but I would go with a Marshall, Roland, Peavey, or Crate.
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I'd recommend getting an Agile Les Paul with EMG's, a Peavey Vypyr 15w, a Cable, a Strap, some picks and a tuner.
Roland micro cubes I think is what they are called a really good starter amp. They run for like well I don't know?? sorry but look those up
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I say any guitar that feels good to you
Try a bunch out before buying, i tend to tell people to avoid squiers but if it feels good.

If money is tight use it all on a better guitar if u want and play through your bass amp till you can get a good amp


hope i helped a little
Get a start pack. You can upgrade when you learn what kind of sounds you want out of your guitar and amp.