you cought me by surprise
yeah you you beat me to the punch literaly
and now im down for the count
and the cold floors keeping me company
your little melodies are only surpassed
by these cities lights and the people moving by so fast

but what are we to do
with these feelings of lonliness
should we pack them away with our guilt
and our scattered sundays best

the only light i see (the only light i see)
are the three at the end of this road
and only way ill stop for them
is if i somday make it home

an i still cant belive that i left you im such a fool
and this goddamn guitar still can make me
belive that ill be fine without you

so for the time being
ill keep your picture tied to string
so you wont fall for
anyone but me

and the letters your left me
ill burn each note in my head
soo i never forget
a single word youe said