yo everyone, Im wondering has anybody ever tried 2 distortions at once in their chain and get a good sound ? I play a Fender Jag-Stang, and an Eastwood Gemini through a gay solid state behringer vtone amp. I got a really deep nice dirty airy type tone from the Jag did'nt try the Gem though. I just wanted to see if anybody else tried this out.
its reeaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllly muddy, in my experience of course
if that does it for you, then go ahead by all means
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yeah man it is muddy as hell, but it seemed like the digitech provided all the bass and the boss kinda cleaned it it's tone a lil bit.

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i used to have both of those pedals. i sold the ds-1, and my drummer's dog sh*t on the grunge. in anger, i bought a mesa f-30, and will never need a distortion pedal again.
im gonna keep experimenting and see what I can get, I did get a real nice grungy tone out of my Gemini through a Epiphone Valve Jr. Its better through a tube.
ha that's funny, if the dog **** on one of my pedals I'd **** on him after I ate 30 doggy biscuits. So the Mesa is the is that good huh? I may try that next thanx Slappy. Whats your bands name and what do yall play.