Well, I have made 2 big mistakes and they are:

1. I bought a Line 6 Spider 3 75w amp last year, it seemed good at the time... Now it just sounds aweful, so i have decided to invest in a peavey classic 30, but i have to wait a few months to get it.

2. I bought a Jackson Kelly KE3 and am really regretting it, i play mainly blues but was going through a slight metal phase, now im not too sure what to do. I thought that the next guitar i was to get should have a floyd rose, i was wrong, i actually hate the floyd rose, its really getting on my nerves and i dont know what to do with it, i have taken the tremolo arm off, but the bridge is still annoying me. I bought the guitar last month and i payed £450 (GBP). I still have the warranty from Jackson.

Im not too sure what to do with the guitar, is it the amp thats making it sound like a cat being strangled or is it the guitar. I have 3 questions:

1. Would it be worth getting a new guitar if i can sell the one i recently bought?

2. Would there be any way of getting the money back by selling it, since the store i bought it from shut down?

3. What guitar would you guys reccomend for Blues, Blues Rock and Classic Rock and possibly some Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden?

Thanks in advance.

p.s. ignore my user name, i made the account when i was going through my 1st metal phase.
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an SG would fit any and all of those styles you just mentioned.
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1. sell your line 6
2. sell your jackson
3. buy new guitar and better amp
4. ???
5. Profit!
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1. sell your line 6
2. sell your jackson
3. buy new guitar and better amp
4. ???
5. Profit!

except not....

anyways, i would try selling the jackson somewhere, like on ebay or a similar site. and you could try selling the amp as well.
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I say Replace the Amp first, then the Guitar.

Peavey Classic 30 is a good choice, especially for the Genres you listed.

As for Guitar, I say go for a Fender Strat or Tele, or an Epiphone Les Paul or SG.
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Sell Amp on Ebay/Craigslist
Buy Amp
Sell Guitar on Ebay/Craigslist
Buy Epiphone/Gibson SG, or a Fender Strat (HH setup)
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trade the guitar for a Custom series Ibanez Hollowbody.

then sell the amp and get a job and buy a sick amp.

thats what i want to do one day.
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Fender Stratocaster... the most versatile guitar that a poor man can buy.

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id say get an hss strat. so when you do have the metal broody phases in life you can still play metal.
thankyou for the replies, i was wondering, what would be the best guitar if i was to look at an epiphone, i hear epiphones are not hugely different from gibsons, well not enough to warrant the huge price increase. I have heard good things about the les paul black beauty but i would like to see your oppinions on the best guitars i could get for the genres ive listed with a budget of £500 ($700).
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I'd say get yourself a MIM Standard Stratocaster, set up for HSS.

Bridge for metal tones when you need 'em, and you still have the classic quacky middle single coil, as well as the smooth neck pickup. You can't go wrong, and you could even swap out the bridge humbucker for something like a DiMarzio Super Distortion or something.
I can think of a bunch of guitars better suited to your taste. I have a Kelly, I hate it, it's the most uncomfortable guitar I own and never, ever gets air time.

Jackson SL2HT
Carvin custom shop DC127 or CT4(can be had for about $1000. usd)

Other stuff listed above is pretty damn good too.