ok, how would a capo work with a well-balanced OFR on a Jackson DKMG? i plan on jury-rigging a "floating-floyd, lock-down system". i know they're ok for acoustics. just wondering
capos just change the key you work in. i have no clue what keys are what personally, i'm not big on theory. but they work fine with electrics, and it should be too harsh even with the OFR
what's a good kind of capo to get?
sometimes i want to play in E-standard tuning, or Eb-standard or D-standard. so i figure i'd just tune to D-standard and capo at the 1st and 2nd frets
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The only thing you have to worry about with using a capo is intonation. With mine the low Eb (all my guitars are half step down) goes out of tune slightly. Now i went with the cheapest capo I could find so if you buy a high quality one that may not be the case with yours.
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