I was wondering if anybody had one of these cause and effect essays saved and send it through email to help out a brother? I hope this aint against the rules.....
Ok, use this.


I shot myself in the face because i was hungry and i had ran out of cereal so i decided bullets would be sufficient.


I died.
Sail upon the open skies
dude i suggest you do something on the econmic meltdown..pretty sure someone has something saved..and there should be ample explanation to how we raped our economy on the newspaper
I will, if you write up my 2000 word 3rd year university assignment analysing and evaluating research for and against the assertion that improved detection methods increased prostate cancer incidence in western europe, as opposed to genetic and environmental factors.

In short: no. Do your own work you lazy bugger. The quicker you learn to do it, the easier it'll be when you do work that actually matters.
Right about how you procrastinated doing your homework and the effect it had on writing the essay.

Seriously. It will be an easy paper to write.
Any spelling or grammatical errors written above are because of my inferior brain to yours. Good job, you won life.
Write about karma and its history. Karma, after all, is the law of cause and effect.