It's been a couple months since I have posted anything but today I picked up a new guitar. An Epi Tony Iommi SG. I walked into the music shop and there is was hanging on the wall with what I thought was the wrong price! I found out it was actually used and came with the case for $350.00. I didn't hesitate and bought it on the spot. I have been looking for one of these for so long for the right price and with the Epi HSC included it was a steal. These are the best SGs I have ever played both Gibson and Epi, the Gibson USA Tony Iommi pups IMHO are the best Gibby pups around probably why they cost $170.00 ea alone.

The guitar is mint it looks like it never was removed from the case not so much as a scratch considering it's 2 years old it could easily pass for brand new. I just stopped playing it. I have been playing it for the last three hrs since I got it home and my fingers are sore as hell.
It's purttieee!
Nice ;D
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Here are a few more pics. It needs a bit of cleaning I got fingerprints all over it. This has got to be the shiniest black finish I have ever seen on a guitar it shows every little spec of dust.

AHHH!!! I see a Spider!


NIce guitar, I've played on of those before and liked it. Enjoy!
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To quote Borat: "Very nice!"

Looks like it's the Goth edition too (all black with cross inlays)
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Looks great. A local pawn shop had one that was in awful shape and didn't have a case and they wanted what you paid for yours. You got a good deal. I've thought about getting one of those myself. What do think about the Tony Iommi sig pickups? How do they sound?
Sweet guitar man! Enjoy a;lskjfa;klsj;aksjdf;alksjdf
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It can be gives guitar to me tiem nao plz?

Seriously, sweet axe!
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Erm... it's the Iommi sig.

Otherwise, sweet guitar, man

He said it kinda looks like the goth edition -.-.

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looks great, have fun HNGD
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Nice. I wish they still made Gibson Tony Iommi Sig's
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IMHO The Tony Iommi pups are the best Gibson makes. I think they sound fantastic. If they were not $170.00 ea I would seriously put them on most of my guitars, but at $340.00 a pair that is way out of my price range. I am very happy Epi decided to put the real thing Gibson USA on their guitars rather than a China made copy.


I have played a used Gibson Tony Iommi at Daddy's in Nashua NH and truthfully there is no noticeable difference in sound and playability and the Epi is about 2 grand + cheaper.
Sweet guitar man, I was looking into buying this as there was a used one at Long & McQuade for about $400. I loved it when I played it, 'twas very good. I hope you enjoy it.
looks good
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I think the Iommi sig is one of the few that is really worth the money.

Cracking guitar, hope you enjoy it.
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Lucky...That's an amazing price for a brilliant guitar. Have fun with it, because they're amazing.
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Had to change the strings on the SG today so while I had them off I thought I would pop the pups out and check them out.

I also checked out the electronics and the pots are the same pots as the ones in my Gibson Explorer same numbers exactly. I talked to my guitar local guitar repair man and found out all Gibson and Epi Pots are made in China by the same company now.

Quote "CGE is no longer making pots, Gibson now uses the same Chinese made pots in all of their guitars"

Hi guys. Took my Epi Tony Iommi SG into Guitar Center today to compare it to the actual Gibson Tony Iommi SG. It was pretty busy for a Easter Sunday! I took it there to settle some arguments some of us were having over Epi vs Gibson. A bunch of us played both guitars side by side and as far as sound goes there was no difference, playability seemed better on the Epi and the fit and finish on the Epi is flawless compared to the wavy nitrocellulose on the Gibby. IMHO the Epi is a much better choice. The Gibby was used $2699.00 no case compared to the used Epi I bought for $350.00 w/hsc.

We also compared my Agile to several guitars but I'll post that in another thread when I post pics when I get my camera back in a couple weeks.

Nice man, those high end epiphones are worth the price
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Nice axe man!
How do the Pickups sound {I mean like what style's are they good for and such because you alreaady said they sound great}.
Mmm Iommi SG's are teh sex.
I got mine $550 AUD second hand,no hardcase.A dam good price down here,where in this catalogue I have in my hand the RRP for a normal G-400 is (no joke) $799.
As for the pick-ups...wow.I play punk/grunge/classic metal and these pick-ups cover all that very well.The cleans are a bit meh but still alot better than a normal G-400.And of course they can pull off sabbath blues.
Now TS,tune that thing down to C# and play into the void.That's honestly the first thing I did when I got mine.
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Thanks guys, The pick ups are Gibson USA Iommi pups $170.00 ea if you want to buy them separate. They are no different from the ones they put in the actual Gibson Iommi SG. I would love to have them in a lot of my guitars but at those prices I can't do it. I like to play heavy stuff with a ton of distortion and these pups rule. I think if you like some classic rock like AC/DC old Sabbath etc they are great they sound OK for a lot of stuff though I rarely play on a clean setting but they seem to work fine there as well. You really need to try them out for yourself thru your amp or a similar one to know if they will work for you. The more Epis I play the more I love them tried several this weekend if I had the dough I know one of them would have come home with me.