All right, I'm surprised there's no sticky about that because I thought it would be kind of interesting...
So yeah, I have a lot of questions about pickups. Mainly:
-What's the difference between alnico pickups, ceramic pickups, everything pickups actually? what sorts actually do exist ?
-What does low output/high output mean ?
-I have a jaguar HH with a mid boost switch, would it work with any pickup ?
-I have an ibanez RG with a split coil function, would it work with any humbucker?
-What are pickup covers for?
-If I have a solid body guitar with passive pickups in it and I want to put active pickups in it, do I have to drill a hole in the body for the battery?
-might look like a retarded question, but does the color of the pickup affect it's tone?
-How does a Piezo pickup works? a stacked single coil?
-What's the difference between pickups with bars on them and regular ones ?

I know some, if not most, of these questions might look dumb, but I'm a complete n00b in pickups, and I'm pretty sure a lot of people here are in the same case. However, I'm really interested in knowing more about them, so I hope I won't get flamed too much =)
Most all of your questions can be found in the Stickies here and over in the Electric Guitar forum. Read through all of that and then post again if you can't find an answer after further research with the Seach bar.

*that was the nice version of what i wanted to say*