So, I am going to by a Seymour Duncan SCR-1 Cool Rails Pickup for my old strat-copy's neck pickup, and am really looking forward to getting it into that thing. I was reading, and I saw that you could coil split the pickup. While I was planning on installing the pickup myself, the coil split thing seems like it would be more complicated, so i may have to get it done professionally.

I live in Central Florida, so does anyone have a rough estimate of what one might charge to coil split the pickup and put a button on the strat (I assume it would cost less to just get a volume knob with a button in it than a whole new switch drilled into the guitar)? What would be a fair price?

Also, I know this technically isn't the forum for this question, but would doing it myself necessarily be that difficult?

You could do it yourself. The only difference is the potentiometer has to be push-pull (or you install a switch, which would require you to drill a hole through the pickguard) and it changes the wiring a bit.
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^Yeah, look up a diagram for it. If you can replace a pup you can do this.
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