Im composing my own song on GuitarPro and i have come to this part where I want this sweeping lead part. The problem: Im not quite sure how to link a few arpeggios together and make them sound really well. I started off by just putting a few arpeggios together and it started to get the "insane robot with no emotion feel". I really want something that is beautiful and fast but i really dont know how to go from one arpeggio to another without them sounding completely dissonant and out of place. Suggestions? Also could I just follow a chord scale?
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Since an arpeggio is basically a chord played note for note, you have to play a chord progression in the relevant note.

For example, if you're in A harmonic minor, the most basic way of constructing good sounding sweeps is to just follow the triad progression. So that would be Amin, Bdim, Caug, Dmin, Emaj, Fmaj, G#dim, and back to Amin. So just play the most common sweep shape for the given triads and it should flow out nicely.

This is a very basic way of making it sound good, but with more complex sweep shapes, you can give your overall solo more vividness, just as chords can be more vivid when you add more degrees to the starting note.
Send what you've done with GP, except that... If you want it to sound beautiful try to take some minor chord. (Arpeggios)