Are Behringer Bass amps any good? I need a loud amp to play small gigs like at nightclubs for under $300 and this seems to be good. Also recommend other amps for under $300 please.
I think the guys in the bass forum can help more.

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Behringer's are generally looked down upon. I've never played one, but the general repeated things said here are poor tone, break easily, and misleading advertising or something like that.

I'll let someone else elaborate more and give some recs.
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B) Behringer stuff over the past 5 years has become horribly unreliable and poor in tonal quality.
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^ Although you will get a better answer in the Bass forum, we technically share GG&A. I tend to keep my bass discussions in the bass forum, but it's not a rule or anything.

See what Hartke can offer you in that price range. Check used and you could probably score a great combo.
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If you look at the stickys in the bass forum you'll see Behringer as an amp to avoid.
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Tonally speaking Behringer bass amps aren't really that bad if you're on a tight budget (I wish the same could be said about their guitar amps and effects series). However they are very unreliable and cheaply made so dont expect something that will be able to hold up against rough treatment.
I would not recomend any of thier products unless thats all you have access to.

Unless its out of your budget go ampeg, thats what i use and thier awesome
I may be mistaken, but don't they also rate the wattage of their amps at peak?
So an ad may say 100 for wattage, but it may be more like 60 watts.

Don't take my word for it though
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I had a Behringer 4500 fullstack when I was playing bass. I got it for 700 used. That bad boy owned. I know alot of bassists in my area that use Behringer bass amps. No complaints from me or them.
My brother has one, I forget what its called I think its like an ultrabass or something. Its pretty good, its not bad.
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I actually own both a behringer bass amp and a behringer guitar amp. The guitar amp sucks. but my bass amp is pretty nice. It's the ultrabass 4500 head and I have the matching 2 10" cab and 1 15" cab, it kicks. Plus the ultrabass effect on there is an octaver that is amazing. Don't play the octaver effect on the low end, it's too low(for my 5 string) but if you play a sweet bass walk up high it sounds amazing.
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ok now your for it.

1) Behringer bass amps are the WORST.

its a good thing he posted in the this forum

coz in the bass one, even mentioning behringer. brings a flood of NO's!
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