when ever i try to mess around with scales and try to make up a riff or a little solo. I allways end up unconcioulsy playing othere parts from songs i never knew how to play er. its kina a problem cuz ill start to play n try to make stuff up n it just comes out. does ANYBODY ELSE HAVE THIS PROB. and does making new things up on the guitar become easier the more you know because its kina like im lost when i try to make things up n jam.
Yeah i got the same prob, most of the thing i make sound similar to a song... Just keep doing more and more, try doing more complicate riff, so it's more rare a song already have this one...
Yep. I spent a whole week trying to come up with a solo playing the Wombles. When it wasn't the Wombles it was something equally unhelpful lol

I get round it by either drafting something out on guitar pro without my guitar - so my fingers don't get a say in it, or by limiting myself to certain notes, then expanding on whatever I come up with.
Just experiment with scales and don't limit yourself, just goof off and feel it. Just letting it go will help you writing a solo more than anything. Don't get messed up about it if you aren't really good at it at first.